CEO of Eleven Work Studio LLC

ENGINEER of LY Corporation (Yahoo Japan)

Kojiro Ozaki

7+ years of web engineering experience in a leading Japanese tech company. In the first 2 years, created recommendation and review posting systems for e-commerce services that increased sales by over 750%.

The next 5+ years created rich media ads (video, interactive, HTML 5) for digital devices. Pioneered rich media ads on "Yahoo! JAPAN Top Customize". These ads are the most expensive and impressive internet ads in Japan and are proven to increase sales and create huge buzz. Also worked on a small team and did all the planning, developing, proposals, and sales. Able to build good relationships and negotiated with clients, agencies, creative agencies, and ad networks.

Granted 9 patents related to rich media advertisements as an individual as well as 50+ team patents. Recipient of the 2016 Tokyo Good Design Award.



TypeScript / Node.js / JavaScript / Python / PHP / Ruby / Perl / HTML5 / CSS3

Framework / Library

Next.js / Vue.js / Express.js / React.js / Gatsby.js / jQuery / Material-UI / Bootstrap


MySQL / Redis / Oracle / Teradata


WordPress / Shopify / EC-Cube / Hugo


Adobe Lightroom / Adobe Photoshop





10+ patents

- Shopping management device, shopping management method, and program

- Information display program, information display device, information display method, and distribution device


Good Design Award 2016

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